Jan 26, 2011

BCCCOC Meeting. berapa banyak C daaa.

26/1/2011= Rabu = 4th week of Jan = meeting!

ya meeting. harini aku and all the BCCCOC mates telah dipanggil untuk bermusyawarah setelah sekian lama project ini seakan beku dek kerana salji yang setebal 12m  di UK. kononnya.

aku pikir orang malaysia,precisely melayu, sahaja yang tak tahu erti time punctuality. rupa-rupanya orang sana pun dua kali lima kali dua jugeee. haih. patotnya tahun lepas dah gerak bagi list of activities. percuma je kena lembab dengan Tc Rokiah. no bukan kami kami yang gojes ni yang kena lembab tapi diaorang yang nun di sinun.

kenapa ada 4 bulat? kenapa tidak segitiga? oh lupa segitiga kan  freemason. Lulz

after all the selection-thingy, on March there will be 2 visits being held. one to Kuching and another one to High School Kluang. next we're going to have a mini fair for the club on July. four groups were formed. since we've came out with 'FOOD' as the theme for BCCCOC Mini Fair, the four groups will be taking part in setting up our own booth each. we've got indian, malay, chinese. and fusion food in our list. and I was pointed as the group leader for jengjengjeng Fusion food (!). and the thing is.. the person who'll be coming for the fair is not calang2 okeh. there got Pengarah PPD, British Council representative straight from UK, the Director of Ministry of Education Malaysia and other people that i seemed to forget their names, coming for the fair. so it's understood that we're going to have a verry big event for the very berry merry big big people soon. so starting from now, i've gotta prepare myself for the mega event since franksinatraly speaking, i've been having my hard times coping with new faces in my life. and it feels like hell.. oh mygoodness

oh oh one more thing..when it comes to fusion food? western meet east. what you got in your head? butter pancake with durian ice cream? corn milkshake? ouhhh god i better go and start listing out  from the appetizer, main course, bla bla bla, to dessert before it's too late.

roger and out

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