Jan 26, 2011

Random facts 'bout me

Tag maniac : A-are. tysm wei.

Name : Nasiha Shakina Mohd Safil
Brother(S): the one and only. Huzaifah
Eye colour : blue. i wish. unfortunately it's blackish black
Shoe Size : 4-5
Hair : short,straight and black. typically malay
Piercing : dont have any
Height : 1.55 m
What are you wearing right now : blue shirt with kain sekolah. lulz
Where do you live : Taman Pasir Putih , Pasir Gudang 
Favorite Number : probably 8
Favorite Drink : revive isohypohyper-tonic
Favorite month : March yeahh :))
Favorite Breakfast : tea and _____.

Favourite song : Que Sera Sera - Dorris Day

Broken a bone : never
Been In a police Car : Never and will always be never
Fallen for a friend : yaaaa. it's a norm aite?
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : yaaaa
Swam In the ocean : Not yet and hey gud idea somehow
Fallen asleep In school : like everyday
Broken someone's Heart : IDK
Cried when someone died : Ofkos i did
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : not yet. i'd rather go to sleep
Saved E-mails : never
Been cheated : IDK

Your room look a like : big purplish pink box stuffed with lotsa unwanted stuffs
What is right beside you : no one
What is the last thing you ate : nasi bungkus given by Tc Rokiah. wat a pity!

Who did you last yell : cant remember. saya sopan. sangat. 
Who was the last person you danced with : cant remember. probably Joe. slight dance i mean
Who last made you smile : my friends. woah!

What are you listening to right now : a korean song from dyna's blog. cant recall the title.
What did you do today :  a typical malaysian schoolgirl's routine, precisely 17teen years old girl. more precisely, SPM candidate
Are you the oldest : nope. im the YOUNGEST one
Indoors or outdoors : ? . probably both. i cant quite undrstand the quest. actually

Talk to someone you like : IDK
Kiss someone : yeah.my mom!
Sing : like everyday
Talk to an Ex : too busy too even think bout this. oh
Miss someone? : yess ! 
Eat : after 3 hours starving.yess

You talked on the phone to : Tc Nora
Made you cry : cant remember myself
You went to the mall with : My sistas
Who cheered you up : NurZahraDamia

Been to Mexico? : never but someday i will
Been to USA? : nope.

Have a crush on someone : unfortunately yesss
What books are you reading right now : is blogspot a book? if it is. then it's a YES
Best feeling in the world : seeing my mom's smile
Future kids name : not yet planning. most probably umar or medina?
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : no
What's under your bed : old PC. wahaha
Favourite sports : Badminton 
Favorite place : my home
Who do you really hate : waiting for the late ones
Do you have a job : im still a student. and my job is definitely to study smartly hard in order to get get get myself a bet bet better job probably 10 years lat lat later! 

Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, make us stronger - Kanye West
peace all(!)

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Miss Cakap Banyak [MCB] said...

i thought meleis typically have black curly hair/locks. my hairdresser told me that. we[meleis] rarely have this straight hair, so be proud and keep it safe from view. (~.^)Y

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