Mar 16, 2013

End of asasi

Now that we only have a few more weeks to struggle for towards the end of Asasi and I would say that there's nothing that I will miss more than the friendship and the memories that we build together. I definitely going to miss staying up late with le roommate  Murni, having cups of strong-voltage coffee just to stay awake, while sharing stories all the way 'till morning.

The classmates. Including all the conflicts that make us closer. Let alone all the sweet moments (trips, completing assignments, making bio video etc).

Dibah. the other me :D

Housemates. the laughter and the journey that we went through.

psst. will miss Mr.Crush as well. LOL. creepy I know.

Will miss them all. :')

For the time being, I just need to stay calm and keep on spreading positive vibes. No hatred.

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